After many years of teaching and observing horses and their owners, I find that proper communication skills are often undervalued and left unpracticed.

Technique is important... but the right technique at the wrong time is useless.  Horsemanship should be a conversation you are having with your horse.

My goal is to help you develop communication skills and a “language” with your horse involving body language, aids, and the ever elusive “feel”.  With these communication skills we will develop a

1. lasting partnership based on trust and mutual respect

2. confident, fit, and reliable “mode of transportation”  

3. the fun, fancy, amazing horse of your dreams! 

Feel free to experiment and explore, I want you to try and find the right answer for your horse while maintaining his natural aptitude.

Safety and Clarity

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Remount Horsemanship Inc is an educational program focused on foundational training of both horses and humans. Like the remount schools of old, our aim is to provide a solid basis of understanding, skills, and general fitness that prepare the horse and rider for anything! Our teaching style is gentle and based with influences from dressage, vaquero horsemanship, cow working, and more. 

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Versatile Athletes

Ride With Feel

​The only way to be safe on your horse is to build a foundation based on clear communication and trust with your horse. 

The reason we humans and horses don't get along sometimes isn't because the horse is "stupid"  or "ignorant" its because that horse is scared or doesn't  understand.

When the horse is supposed to see us as a leader but we aren't being clear about we want of them then of course that horse will get excited or scared and start to look for his own escape, other herd members or he may not not move simply because he doesn't know what to do! Safety Comes from Clarity and Clarity comes from feel, timing and balance.

Is your horse an athlete? Can you ask your horse to maintain a lope for 20 minutes? Trot for 15 miles? balance on a beam? Jump logs or wade streams? 

​Better yet can YOU?

All too often we ask our horses to do things we haven't prepared them for physically.

A big part of horsemanship is developing our horses and us into balanced, strong, flexible, agile, light and engaged athletes. So next time you ask your horse for that walk to canter depart make sure your horse is a Ready Willing and Able athlete and that you as the rider can help him succeed.