Remount Horsemanship doesn't claim to be "natural" or "classical" or any other "type" of horsemanship. In fact we try to do whats right for the individual horse by practicing good horsemanship period. We believe that good horsemanship is good horsemanship no matter who teaches it. Yes, we follow certain types of horsemanship more than others as you can see in our gear and methods such as the vaquero traditions, the teachings of late Ray Hunt, The Dorrences, Pat Parelli and many others as well as Classical dressage trainers such as Walter Zettle, Karen Rohlf and many more. We strongly believe that you can learn something from anyone. We make sure we stick to our principles and do things for the horse not too the horse.

We get asked a lot Why did you name your business Remount Horsemanship? Remount Horsemanship is the brainchild of Laura. When we started to think of names we started thinking about the qualities we looked for in horses, qualities that we strive to achieve in our horses and we also looked at what we do with our horses. The traits we look for and strive to achieve in our horses are confidence in any situation, responsiveness, calmness, forwardness, strength, balance, flexion, try and we want our horses to be athletes, to be able to jump high or crawl low, gallop far and walk easy if we asked them to.

​That’s when Laura said just like the Calvary Remount horses of old. Those horses were trained to live with you to be your constant companion and be led confidently into battle. They hauled their rider and  heavy loads for miles and miles a day. They had to perform their utter best at the worst most intense time imaginable -during war- Can you imagine sitting on a horse in war? The bombs, the gunshots, the debris falling, smoke, shouting, yelling, directing, chaos, flags, trucks, other horses running off and around, and all the while you are on top directing and leading your horse through the battle. Once home safely these soldiers often showed their horses off, much like the vaqueros at the roundups. They would show their horses doing maneuvers that have turned into modern Dressage as we know it. That takes a GREAT HORSE! A Remount horse! and if a horse can be developed to maintain his calm, cool composer during war, then a sport specific discipline should be a piece of cake right?
​We have often said that the most important thing in training and setting your horse up for success is causing your horse to be a safe, dependable mode of transportation. It doesn't matter if you trail ride show cutting, reining, dressage eventing or any thing else. If your horse isn't a safe mode of transportation then foundational building blocks have been missed and should be revisited. If not taking care of, foundational holes WILL ALWAYS appear down the road. Some issues it shows up may be a bridling issue, trailer loading issue, jigging, to forward, wont back, wont turn, scared, crazy, bored, lazy. These are things that can be taken care of with a good foundation.