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LESSONS Private lessons (at our facility)..................................................... $75hr Private lessons (off site).......Not available at this time.... *On occasion I travel off site for private lessons. Please email us. Lesson days may also be setup at your farm for a lower per hour fee. ​ ClinicsRichard also travels throughout the country to conduct horsemanship clinics as well as colt starts. ​If you are interested in hosting Richard for a clinic or a weekend of private lessons please contact us for more information.TRAINING Full training available at Horsegate Farm in Siler City, NC.  Please contact Richard for more information.  We require a 3 month minimum for horses coming in for training. Richard specializes in colt starting, foundational training, challenging horses and getting your horse safe, sound and ready for you to take him to the next level no matter your discipline. Richard has trained, dressage, eventing, jumping, cutting horses and many more. 



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This is a 3 day working ranch experience. You will be prepared and set up for in your horsemanship and we will do actual ranch work of gathering, sorting, chute work and alley work.

The price includes all meals except lunch, pens, Trailer electricity hookups, a private 30 minute lesson on Friday. This clinic will focus on low stress cattle work so the cattle can retain weight for market. There is no arena, this is the real deal so there are some pre requisites. Please contact us for more information. 


This clinic is for the student that has their foundation built. The rider is confident at the walk, trot and canter. In this clinic we will work on lateral work,  Simple lead changes, flying lead changes, stops, turns and riding with a high level of quality and precision and awareness in all that you do. 





This is a great opportunity for you and your horse to advance. Richard will ride and train your horse for 5 days. After the 5 days you will take a 2 day clinic to continue making progress with your horse. During the 5 days of training Richard will work on the horses foundation helping your horse to be calm, confident and responsive. Moving out with softness, flexion and maintaining gait. On the weekend clinic you will work to continue the training so you can take over at home with what we started. 

Richard will help you break through challenges and overcome hurdles to help you reach your goals. This will be done through his hands on development of your horse and your participation in a 2-day clinic.








​                                            (1 DAY)

Riding Patterns with Precision is the ultimate key to training. I have used these same Patterns on all breeds of horses and all disciplines from Dressage and Eventing horses to cutters and trail riders and ranch riding horses.

Consistency and Precision are the keys to training and developing a horse. In this clinic you will learn how to ride various patterns with varying precision based on your horses development stage. 
It is through the use of these patterns that you will cause your horse to understand more solidly your aids. The patterns will help you have better seat control, help stop and turn without using your reins and have your horse maintain gait until you ask for another one. The patterns will help your horse move engaged both mentally and physically without having to use your reins all the time.

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                        GREEN RECRUIT CLINIC (2-days):

In this 2 day clinic we will be focusing on precision, softness and feel. It is for riders of all disciplines and horses. Challenging horses, horses started under saddle or not. It’s also for the novice horse owner or veteran horse owner who wishes to learn more about putting a solid foundation on their horse, communicating with feel and building confidence and causing the horse to accept things instead of tolerate them. In the morning we will cover the basics of ground work, including, confidence and accepting, saddling, obstacles and working off of a feel with the focus being on low stress for the horse, communication and understanding. In the afternoon we will work on riding basics and building you and your horses confidence and communication under saddle. Depending on you and your horse it may not be feasible to put the first ride on your horse at the clinic. You will however be able to go home with enough knowledge to continue your training at home. Be prepared for lots of in depth information and to continue the work at home to build a solid foundation with your horse.  A solid Foundation based on feel gives you: Basis to fall back on and fix problems Feel for the mind to get to the feet Give you the confidence and leadership techniques you need for a working relationship.  Cause your horse to be a safe reliable mode of transportation

 READY WILLING AND ABLE   "The Next Step": (2-days) Your horse will always give exactly what they and you are ready, willing, and able to give!  Refinement and advancing horsemanship requires continuous improvement and expansion of skills and feel for both you and the horse.  In this clinic we will explore ways to improve your horses mental, emotional, and physical readiness in preparation for a harmonious relationship even during advanced maneuvers and sports.  Areas we will cover are flexions, soft feel, walk-trot-canter departs, transitions, transitions within the gait, maintaining gait, Lateral work with softness, engaging the horses hind end, backing, lead changes and other exercises to help you better set you and your horse up for riding with refinement. Pre-Requisites: Have taken a Green Recruit Clinic with me, be a current student or contact me about participating. You should be confident enough and able to canter with some degree of control and on a semi loose rein. Your horse knows the basic yields and moves appropriately away from pressure. MOST IMPORTANT- Smile, Be prepared to have fun and learn outside of your comfort zone. Bring your riding boots and get ready to advance your horsemanship.