I have worked with Richard with several different horses and am always beyond impressed with how quickly he recognizes each of the horses unique personalities and is able to utilize training methods and specific exercises that address that particular horses needs from the very beginning.  His kindness, positive attitude, and expertise make each lesson a wonderful learning experience.  I strongly recommend working with him, no matter what your primary discipline may be!!

Thank you for all you do! 

Susanne M.

My horse and I have benefitted a ton from our work with Richard.  He is always calm, kind, and patient with the horses (and riders), but also maintains a high standard.  My horse feels really in-tune with me and is all around a much more solid citizen since Richard started working with him.  He’s great about exposing my horse to new questions, and teaching him to actually think about where is feet are going.   As a result, all of our riding has improved from dressage to jumping!  He is a super fun and enthusiastic trainer, and I’m really grateful for the time and effort he spends helping me and my horse become a real team.  He’s definitely making me be a better horseperson for my horse! -Cat C. & Double Oh Seven

"It’s always such a fun time and a great learning experience for me and for my horse when we take a clinic with Richard. I appreciate the way that Richard listens to what I want from his clinics and then works with me and my horse to help us both learn new things. I’ve taken three clinics with Richard, and in each one I found that I was challenged to think about what I wanted in my relationship with my horse, encouraged to move out of my comfort zone, and amazed at what my horse could do! Thank you, Richard. I’m looking forward to the next clinic!" Anne J.

I really enjoyed Richard's trail clinic.  He was patient and encouraging as we tried each obstacle.  He was able to point out mixed signals I was giving my horse and it made a big difference.  It's a real confidence builder to walk through a ditch of plastic water bottles or to feel my horse relax and stand still while he cracks the bull whip.  Richard is very personable, approachable, and competent.  I'm really looking forward to participating in another one of his clinics!- Elizabeth H.